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Our Clients Say

“I really cannot put into words how thankful I am to have found your company – we love our deck! 
My husband and I decided we wanted to build a deck the beginning of spring. I had contacted a few companies using home adviser. One came on a Thursday afternoon. He acted like he really wanted the job and told us he would have an estimate on Monday. Two weeks later I called him and he emails me an unrealistic amount… The second guy came-same thing- gave a fair estimate and said he would call me with a start date within two weeks-that was July 14! We still haven’t heard from him! Finally, after I did more searching, I found DURABLE DESIGNS! I got the company who would not only build my beautiful deck but got some prayers answered too! Paula at Durable Designs was so nice to talk to, it was like we had been friends for a while. My daughter even met a friend to talk and hang out with (it was the daughter of one of the builders).
Getting my deck with Durable Designs was so easy. All I did was send a picture of what I wanted, the measurements, and they sent me the estimate. When it was time for the build, Paula emailed me the contract, and I mailed her the deposit.
There were NO hidden fees, nothing happened that I didn’t know about. I trusted their guys so much I even left my house keys for them to come in as needed because we were going to be out of town the first few days of the build.
I got home just in time on the last day to meet the guys. They were very respectful and pleasant to be around. They finished up and made sure we were happy, they cleaned up their mess, and even put my old furniture back on the deck.
We have a beautiful deck just like we wanted. Thank you so much Durable Designs, we are forever grateful!”

Keith and Cissy Popham

“Ambitious doesn’t begin to describe our project, and the Durable Designs team tackled it with skill, artistry, and professionalism. They have completely transformed our property. At Durable Designs, they really do build your dreams before your very eyes!

Don and Gina Miller

“My experience with Durable Designs has been nothing but satisfying and professional. Careful work and artistry combined with businesslike interaction makes the process pleasant and generates a relationship that is perhaps literally cast in stone.”

D. Scott McLain

“I highly recommend Durable Designs to anyone who is looking to remodel their home or trying to decide how to improve their outdoor space.  They provided us with excellent service.  Lee Austin designed and built the most breathtaking waterfall and also remodeled our master bathroom.  We loved their work so much that we hired Durable Designs to remodel three other bathrooms and build an outdoor stack stone fireplace.  Absolutely gorgeous!”

Allen and Theresa Burrell

“I was so thrilled to have such beautiful work done to my front porch. I was not prepared for the transformation. It is absolutely beautiful! The surprise of each stone, each beautiful variation and texture is no less than one of God’s masterpieces! Thanks for working in the rain until it was done! I was told to call Durable Designs and look no further. They were absolutely right!”

Jenny Cochran

“Our experience with Durable Designs was that of total professionalism, honesty and integrity.  The work was completed to our utmost satisfaction with no schedule delays.  We were able to go on-site to a job in progress and the workmanship and creative designs sold us on the company.  Lee Austin and Durable Designs has come to be the best contracting company in the Huntsville area that we have engaged.  Our recommendation provided with no qualifications.”

Aubrey and Cha Cha Sealy

“We are currently working on a large hardscape and landscape project that includes a gazebo, arbor, patio, and flower planters. The concrete and stonework we’re doing there is beautiful as well.”

Bob and Mary Arnone

“Our Family’s Business is Building Your Family’s Dream!”

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